The Highlands Campaign.

The forested region that is the source of our clean water is
threatened: the Highlands Campaign is about saving,
preserving and protecting a beautiful and vital landscape.


The Campaign was launched by the 180 member organizations of the Highlands Coalition who have long championed the region. Highlands Campaign Scientific Advisory BoardThe Campaign is guided by a committee of scientists who ensure that the campaign is based on solid evidence. Highlands Campaign communityThe Campaign is enabled by new media that connect communities of concern, from farmers to city dwellers, hikers to businesses. Join the Highlands CampaignThe Campaign is designed to enlist concerned individuals and organizations throughout the region.

We must…

Highlands Campaign land preservation
Protect the lands that protects our water.

The vital importance of the 3.5 million acre region has been officially…

Highlands Campaign Water Conservation
Use water wisely.

Water is essential: the urgent and compelling need we all share. The Northeast is already experiencing…

Highlands Campaign Farmland
Care for the land we farm.

Helping farmers preserve productive land for agriculture and encouraging the production of sustainably…

Highlands Campaign Forests and Trees
Preserve the forests and plant trees.

Forests are being fragmented and lost at a rapid rate in the Highlands…